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Our high quality services span a wide range of areas including organizing tours and Industrial soft skill training.

Establishment & management of industrial parks
Investment promotion & Industrial Development
SME development services
Technology transfer support
Implementation of enterprise development projects
Feasibility studies and project formulation
Preparation of project reports
Facilitation in Imports & Exports
Business match making programmes
Entrepreneurship development training (CEFE of GTZ , SYB/IYB of ILO)
Trainings on Import and export procedure
Store and Material Management study programs
Taxation study programs
Industrial trainings (HRM, productivity, customer management, health and safety, standards)
Industrial soft skills trainings (communication, personality, leadership development)
Tailor made trainings for industries
Organizing study and industrial tours aboard
Organizing Business and Trade delegations to aboard
Leading partner for Organizing study tours for public sector officials, local government and Provincial council politicians
Conducting trade fairs locally & abroad
Sourcing of machinery & equipment
Undertaking development of turnkey basis projects
Project Monitoring and Evaluation of donor funded projects
Socio-economic studies and Surveys
Leading organization on market based Value Chain studies for development agencies, INGOs/NGOs and donor funded projects in Sri Lanka
Leading national consultant for Japanese consultancy firms on Ex- Post Project Evaluation of JBIC / JICA funded project in Sri Lanka(OPMAC, E &Y SN Global, JERI, Mitsubishi Research, IC Net & Nippon Koei )
Undertaking consultancy assignment on policy formulation, corporate plan preparation, preparation of sector development plans, preparation of strategies and plans for industrialization and economic development
Leading regional consultant for Undertaking SME development, Training, Social and rural development projects and consultancies for development agencies, INGOs/NGOs and other donor funded projects operating in Sri Lanka
Industrial Electrical Systems design, construction and certification
Energy Auditing in Industries and Commercial buildings & Consultancies on Energy Management Systems
Boiler Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance Services
Boiler and cooling tower water treatment solutions
Air conditioning systems design, installation and commissioning
Machinery and Equipment Valuation
Wastewater treatment plant design operation and maintenance
Solid waste management systems
Industrial bio gas systems
Environmental pollution control systems design
Solar Energy Solutions
Consultancy on Environmental pollution mitigation measures and preparation of Technical Reports for industries to obtain Environmental Protection License (EPL) (Registered under Central Environmental Authority- CEA and Provincial Environmental Authority- PEA)
Preparation of environmental feasibility reports for industries/ projects (EIA/IEE) (Registered under Provincial Environmental Authority- PEA)
Preparation of Green reports for industries (Registered under Ministry of Environment)
Analysis of potable water for physical, chemical and microbiological parameters as per SLS 614: 2013 standard
Registered laboratory under Central Environmental Authority- CEA and Provincial Environmental Authority- PEA to conduct following tests and measurements
Analysis of wastewater for physical and chemical parameters according to National Environmental Regulations (Wastewater quality)
Noise level measurements (day and night) according to the National Environmental Regulations
Ambient air quality measurements according to the National Environmental Regulations (Ambient Air quality). Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM) – PM 10, Carbon Monoxide (CO), Sulphur Dioxide (SO2), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), Ozone (O3), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).
Total Suspended Particulate Matter (TSMP) measurements according to National Environmental Regulations (Stationery source)
Stack emission and flue gas analysis according to National Environmental Regulations (Stationery source)
Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) related measurements (illumination level, thermal comfort level, noise level)
Boiler operators training program
Waste water treatment plants operators training program
Electrical technicians training program
Energy manager training program
Foods hygiene training program

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