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Green Dream Exhibition

Brown to Green……With the objective of promotion of green concept among the community in Kurunegala, the NWP Council had organized above exhibition in early 2017. ISB had actively involved in developing the concept, organizing the event and implementation. The event was organized under the five main themes and ISB was given a concept to “Reducing Food Waste in NWP”. ISB had conducted exhibition with demonstrations incorporating traditional practices of reducing food waste and new concepts in reduction of food waste in main agriculture value chains to raise awareness.

Further to the exhibition, ISB had organized a quiz competition among the leading schools in Kurunegala education zone under the patronage of the Chief Ministry and Provincial Education Department of NWP. Preliminary rounds were conducted before the exhibition and final round conducted at the main stage of the exhibition venue to raise awareness among the general public. The main objective of this activity was to use school children as change agents to take the message to the community to raise awareness.

“Achieving Sustainable Development Goals by promoting Sustainable Consumption Practices”

“Save Food Waste Less” ………… A programme developed by ISB inline with the Government effort to ensure that we all have to reach the targets set out in SDGs by 2030, requires the partnership of Government, private sector, civil society and the ordinary citizens.
Developing school children as “Change Agents” is a strategy used by ISB to promote Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) practices among school children and thereby to the community. Programme was jointly implemented in collaboration with the North Western Provincial Council and Provincial Education Department focused on key areas of SDGs such as SCP, which is addressed under Goal No. 12.

Under this concept, we have conducted an annual Inter School Competitions such as Quiz, drawing and drama competitions since 2016 to make aware the school children, teachers and community. Programme has reached over 30,000 school children in the NWP and have been able to make aware them achieving sustainable development goals by promoting sustainable consumption practices. It was highly recognized by the national and international development agencies, donors and INGOs/NGOs.

ISB led to serve the refugees in Civil War

Safe drinking water for IDPs … ISB deployed/commissioned three ST1 water purification units/plants worth over 4.5 million to the IDP camps to cater the drinking water demand soon after the humanitarian operation in Sri Lanka. M/s Mercy Corps-USA provided the financial assistance. The project catered the drinking water demand of 40,000 refugees in zone one of the Menikfarm IDP camp by providing 240,000 litres per day.

Water for Hospitals…With over Rs. 5 Million worth of financial assistance from the UNICEF (the United Nations Children’s Fund) ISB had to deployed four ST1 water purification units for war affected public hospitals in the Northern Province too. The public hospitals in Mannar, Pompemadu, Vauniya and Setticulam was benefitted by supplying of safe drinking water for their daily need at a rate of 2,500 litres per hour.

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