As a part of New Sustainable Development agenda in 2015, all countries of the United Nations has been adopted to 17 number of goals, known as “Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)”. All countries of the United Nations, including Sri Lanka, are expected to give high priority in their development agendas, to these SDGs. However, to make sure that we all reach the SDGs by 2030, requires the partnership of government, private sector, civil society and citizens.

Industrial Services Bureau of North Western Province, with its passion to promote SDGs in the country has taken few initiatives in past years. On the top of that, the corporate plan prepared by SB dawn of their 25th Anniversary, set a very ambitious target, which is “to become the countries most recognized organization for supporting the implementation of the Sustainable consumption & Production or SCP practices”. Accordingly, we became one of the key partners of European Union funded, SWITCH-ASIA SCP.

In last year we initiate a programme called “Save Food – Waste Less” which addresses the target 12.3 “halve per capita global food waste at retail and consumer levels and reduce food losses along production and supply chains, including post-harvest losses” coming under Goal # 12 “SCP”. This programme aims, the promotion of food waste reduction practices and food saving culture in consumer level.

One of the main tool we used, in “Save Food – Waste Less” programme is, Inter School Quiz Competition. This event targets School children, who can act as change agents, to disseminate the massage of reducing food waste at consumer level, to households, and thereby to general public. This competition address the topics of “SDGs”, “SCP” and “Food waste reduction”.

By now, we have completed 02 competitions, consecutively in year 2017 and 2018 in collaboration with Provincial Education Department of North Western Province. In year 2017 the competition was confined to the Schools in Kurunegala Education Zone with the participation of 12 schools in Kurunegala Town. This year we have expanded the competition to entire province representing all 08 education zones in North Western Province.

The amount of forgotten and disregarded food that are disposed and thrown into landfills, highlights the current unsustainable practices of our society. Thus, the attempt we have taken will gradually change the unsustainable food consumption pattern of our society and thereby create a country free from food waste.

Food waste Booklet

Food waste sticker