Enterprise & Project Dev.

Ex-post Evaluation on JBIC/ JICA financed ODA Loan Projects in Sri Lanka (since 2000) over 25 projects

Since year 2000 onwards working as the local Consultant for number of leading Japanese Consultancy firms i.e. Overseas Project Management Consultants (OPMAC), Mitsubishi Research Institute (MRI), IC Net, Nippon Koei, E & Y Advisory Company Ltd, for ex-post evaluations of JBIC/JICA funded ODA loan projects in Sri Lanka. During this period ISB have been able to engaged in evaluating more than 25 JBIC/JICA financed ODA loan projects in Sri Lanka such as; Telecommunication Rehabilitation Project, Plantation Reform Project (PRP), Greater Colombo Water Supply and Sanitation Project (GCWSSP), Road Network Improvement Project (RNIP), Poverty Alleviation and Micro Finance Project (PAMP II), Project for Improvement of National Blood Transfusion Service (NBTS) and Small Infrastructure Rehabilitation and Upgrading Project (SIRUP I & II), Southern Expressway Project, Small and Micro Enterprise Leader  (SMILE II & III), E-Friends Loan Project (I & II), Tourism Resources Improvement Project (TRIP), Manmunai Bridge Project, Water Sector Development Project I & II, Upper Kothmale Hydro Project, Provincial & Rural Road Development Projects in Northern, Eastern, Central, North Central, Sabaragamuwa and Uva Provinces, Pro-Poor Rural Development Project (PROP) and Walawe Left Bank Irrigation Upgrading and Extension Project, Tsunami Project (STAART) etc. in collaboration with the leading Japanese Consultancy firms. Our task was to work as the Local Expert/Consultancy firm to establish indicators for monitoring of projects, support to conduct various interviews, surveys, discussions, designing of sampling methods & questionnaire survey, preparation of data collection tools, data tabulation, analysis and generate evaluation report with Japanese Consultants.

Total value of the assignment : LKR 150 Million